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15 de Novembre de 2012

15 de Noviembre de 2012

November 15, 2012

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Seminari Taller d'Espacialització de So / Seminario Taller de Espacialización de Sonido
4-8/02/2013 16.00-20.00 Hangar

ZèppelinExpandit2012 / ZeppelinExpandido2012 / Concert Multifocal / Concierto Multifocal 30/11/2012 . 20.00 . Hall del CCCB
BarcelonaSoLimit: Exposició de so i música / Exposición de sonido y música
BarcelonaSoLimit: Obres presentades a la Convocatòria / Obras presentadas a la Convocatoria
Paulo Hartmann : Acció participativa amb SmartPhones / Acción participativa con smartphones

Concert Multifocal / Concierto Multical
19/10/2012 . 20.00 . Mirador CCCB
CageMixTuring Irish Circus Electronic Live Ensemble

Escolta multifocal de fragments memorables de l'obra de John Cage modulats per un algorisme implementat en una màquina de Turing virtual i expandida als 17 altaveus que integren el dispositiu d'espacialització sonora de l'Orquestra del Caos
Escucha multifocal de fragmentos memorables de la obra de John Cage modulados por un algoritmo implementado en una máquina de Turing virtual y expandida a los 17 altavoces que integran el dispositivo de espacialización sonora de la Orquesta del Caos

Concert / Concierto
Zona Franca . Lali Barrière . 25/05/2012 . 20.00 . Mirador CCCB

BSL al/en el/ at CCCB

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About Hypoxia . 2012
This is a special 16 channel mix of our project Marbh Chrios (Dead Zone) for Zeppelin 2012. This work was developed as part of the Lovely Weather Donegal Artists Residencies, an art-science project that examined the issues of climate change in County Donegal, Ireland. We situated our work in Killybegs, one of Ireland's most famous fishing towns, and in the Donegal Bay area.

In 2008, Virginia Institute of Marine Science Professor Robert Diaz showed that the number of “dead zones”—areas of sea-floor with too little oxygen for most marine life—had increased by a third between 1995 and 2007. Diaz and his collaborator Rutger Rosenberg of the University of Gothenburg in Sweden found that dead zones are now “the key stressor on marine ecosystems” and “rank with over-fishing, habitat loss, and harmful algal blooms as global environmental problems.” The study, which appeared in the August 15, 2008 issue of the journal Science, tallied 405 dead zones in coastal waters worldwide, affecting an area of 246,000 km2, almost the size of New Zealand. It is currently estimated that there are 20 such dead zones in Ireland and two were identified in the study at both Killybegs Harbour (1999) and Donegal Bay (2000). Geological evidence show that dead zones are not a naturally recurring event in marine ecosystems; dead zones were once rare, now they are common place and increasing, which poses a serious threat to indigenous marine habitats and the human food chain. It is currently estimated that there are 20 such dead zones in Ireland and two contested dead zones were identified in the study at both Killybegs Harbour (1999) and Donegal Bay (2000).

With a number of purpose designed statistical algorithms and heuristics, Softday (Sean Taylor and Mikael Fernström) translated some of the related scientific environmental data into sonifications and vocalisations. Softday worked collaboratively with three partners: local traditional musicians from An Charraig/Amhainn aGhlinne (Cairdeas na bhFidiléirí) in Donegal, Met Éireann (the Irish Meteorological Service) and The Marine Institute of Ireland, to explore the relationship of climate and culture to sound.

The work was originally performed live, the 16th of October 2010, in Mooneys Boatyard, Killybegs, County Donegal. The computer generated music composition that the Donegal Youth Orchestra and the Softday Céilí Band performed, was based on eight years of related marine and meteorological data. A video recording of Marbh Chrios (Dead Zone) was then exhibited at the Regional Cultural Centre in Letterkenny in County Donegal, between the 12th of November 2010 and 28th of January 2011. Since then, we have re-mediated the work live a number of times and different venues around Europe.


Since 1999 Softday, the art-science collaboration of artist Sean Taylor and computer scientist Mikael Fernström, have engaged with issues relating to natural cycles in time, climate change and its global effects.
Early projects such as Bliain Le Baisteach (A Year of Rainfall) (2000) looked at fluctuating annual rainfall patterns in Ireland. Further, Cóisir an Tsionainn (The Shannon Suite) (2003) focused on the four-year life cycle of the wild Atlantic salmon and the effects of overfishing and pollution on the species ability to survive. Projects such as Nobody leaves till the Daphnia sing (2009) examined the implications of contaminated domestic drinking water supplies in Galway and West Limerick. Most recently the Marbh Chrois (Dead Zone) (2010) project addressed the impact of two contested marine dead zones as a key stressor on marine ecosystems in Donegal, Ireland. In 2011 Softday were selected as one of the winning entries to the prestigious project EUROPE – A SOUND PANORAMA, in Karlsruhe, Germany. The Karlsruhe live concert will be recorded by Deutschlandradio Kultur and distributed to all European radio stations.
As a collaborative team they use their arts practice to explore relations to and understandings of nature, expressed through sonifications and multimedia artworks and performances. Both artists are interested in exploring the cracks between various media and creative genres such as expanded theatre, sound art, socially engaged practice, sculpture, music, dance and the application of new technologies

Selected softday multimedia exhibitions:
2012 Underground Unknown and Forgottens, Limerick, Ireland 2012 The Limerick Oddity, Limerick, Ireland
2012 "21 proposals for the Turbine Hall", Softday in collaboration with Peter Morgan and Judy Kravis, Limerick and Cork, Ireland
2011 Re-mediating Joris Ivens, Corona Cork Film Festival 2011, Ireland. 2011 Europe - A Sound Panorama, Karlsruhe, Germany
2011 RMX, Salon des Amateurs, Düsseldorf, Germany
2011 Carbonation, Galway Jazz Festival, Galway, Ireland
2011 As Baile – Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick, Ireland.
2011 RAFLOST 2011, Icelandic Festival of Electronic Music, Reykjavik, Iceland.
2011 POOLED, Just Listen, Cork, Ireland.
2011 Pure Data Mini-Com, Boydell Recital Room, Trinity College, Dublin
2011 Contemporary Music Centre, Fishamble Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2010 Boundary Work1, Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork
2010 Marbh Chrois (Dead Zone) Lovely Weather Artists Residencies-Ireland, Co. Donegal, Ireland
2010 Sonic Vigil V, St.Finbarrs Cathedral, Cork, Ireland.
2009 Zeppelin 2009 Sounds of Power / Listening of Fear, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Spain
2009 INFECTIOUS- Stay Away, Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin.
2008 MERGE VISUAL, Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon, Georgia, USA
2008 DEAF, Dublin Electronic Arts Festival, Dublin
2005 Eist, Sound Art group exhibition, Limerick City Gallery of Art, Limerick
2005 TXTULTR, Interactive Public Art commission for RTE Lyric FM, Limerick
2004 6x6 for Ireland II, 411 Gallery, Hangzhou City, China.
2003 Common Ground – with Michael OSuilleabhain, SIONNA European Festival of World Music, Limerick
2002 Coisir an Tsionann (The Shannon Suite) - Ardnacrusha Power Station, Co.Clare, Live Webcast Performance.
2000 Bliain le Báisteach – A Year of Rain, Irish Pavilion, World Expo 2000, Hannover, Germany, University of Limerick Concert Hall, Limerick.

selected softday multimedia awards
2011 The Goethe-Institute of Belgrade, Deutschlandradio Kultur, Radio Belgrade, the European Broadcasting Unions (EBU) Ars Acustica Group, the Institute for Music and Sound at the Centre for Art and Media Technology in Karlsruhe (ZKM) Germany, Award.
2010 Donegal County Council Arts Office Per Cent for Art Award 2005 RTE Lyric FM funding for TXTULTR 2001 Arts Council Project Funding for Coisir an Tsionann
2000 Arts Council of Ireland, Interdisciplinary Collaboration Award

More about Softday: http://www.softday.ie   http://www.cmc.ie