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Giuseppe Giuliano

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15 de Novembre de 2012

15 de Noviembre de 2012

November 15, 2012

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Seminari Taller d'Espacialització de So / Seminario Taller de Espacialización de Sonido
4-8/02/2013 16.00-20.00 Hangar

ZèppelinExpandit2012 / ZeppelinExpandido2012 / Concert Multifocal / Concierto Multifocal 30/11/2012 . 20.00 . Hall del CCCB
BarcelonaSoLimit: Exposició de so i música / Exposición de sonido y música
BarcelonaSoLimit: Obres presentades a la Convocatòria / Obras presentadas a la Convocatoria
Paulo Hartmann : Acció participativa amb SmartPhones / Acción participativa con smartphones

Concert Multifocal / Concierto Multical
19/10/2012 . 20.00 . Mirador CCCB
CageMixTuring Irish Circus Electronic Live Ensemble

Escolta multifocal de fragments memorables de l'obra de John Cage modulats per un algorisme implementat en una màquina de Turing virtual i expandida als 17 altaveus que integren el dispositiu d'espacialització sonora de l'Orquestra del Caos
Escucha multifocal de fragmentos memorables de la obra de John Cage modulados por un algoritmo implementado en una máquina de Turing virtual y expandida a los 17 altavoces que integran el dispositivo de espacialización sonora de la Orquesta del Caos

Concert / Concierto
Zona Franca . Lali Barrière . 25/05/2012 . 20.00 . Mirador CCCB

BSL al/en el/ at CCCB

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About Miss Z . 2006
Text by Jean Jacques Schuhl from “Rose poussiere”

voice on the tape Ingrid Caven

Miss Z was composed in 2006, commissioned by Cité de la Musique, Paris. It is both an independent work and a part of the bigger composition “Blues voyage”. The composition realized with “montaggio” technics consists in a collage of emotional sound images referred to the text by J. J. Schuhl. Giuliano has worked with Ingrid Caven in a film style, recording before the different musical situations and deciding in a second time the final form of the composition.

Giuseppe Giuliano
G. Giuliano was born in Rome, he studied piano, composition, conducting, electronic music, oriental philosophy. Moreover he has worked as a pianist playing contemporary repertoire as well as free improvised jazz and as sound projectionist.
Some highlights of his teaching career include the Juilliard School New York (assistent to Petrassi) - Internazionale FerienKurse Darmstadt - Bologna University DAMS - Universität der Künste Berlin - Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien - Tokyo Irino Foundation - Moscow Ciaikowsky Conservatory - S. Petersburg Conservatory - Beijing Central University – Guildhall School of Music & Drama London.From 1984 until 2012 he has been professor of composition at Conservatory G. Verdi Milan.

His compositions have been performed and broadcast worldwide - European Union, Russia, Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia, China, Japan.
Giuliano’s musical aesthetic focuses on research into new sounds and new musical conceptions through a variety of media: instrumental music - computer music - live electronics - multimedia - interactive situations with videoart and surrounding music.

More about Giuseppe Giuliano: http://www.cidim.it/cidim/content/314619&id=242608&nc=Giuseppe_Giuliano