Call for anti-war sound pieces for Zèppelin2004

This year, Zèppelin2004-Festival de Arte Sonoro is focussing on audio material relating to situations of conflict and consensus in human societies.
In this spirit, and specially conscious of the important role played by sound in the mass demonstrations against the pre-emptive attack on Iraq that took place throughout the world in March and April 2003, we invite musicians and artists around the world to create sound pieces expressing a total rejection of armed conflicts of any kind, to be played back on a high-quality, 8-speaker system in the CCCB Hall area during the festival.
The speakers will be arranged around a large semi-circular space and operate continuously between the 19th and the 22nd of May 2004, so that individual pieces will be played various times during the festival.

If they are present and wish to do so, the creators of the works will be able to spatialize their own works by setting the levels for each individual speaker in the system. Otherwise, each piece will be thoughtfully and individually spatialized by a member of Caos>Sonoscop.

All works received will be accepted as part of the project, and played in the CCCB Hall, as long as they:

1. Fall within the thematic framework of consensus and conflict.
2. Are received at the Caos->Sonoscop offices before the 20th of April 2004.
Entries must be sent by post and addressed to:

Del acuerdo y del conflicto
Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
Montalegre, 5
08001 Barcelona

3. Are be submitted on CD, in 2-track16 bit, 44.1 kHz wav or aiff format.
4. Have a duration of at least 1 minute and not more than 10 minutes.
5. Include the following documentation:
5.1. A text about the piece, as well as any additional material that may deepen understanding of the work.
5.2. A brief author’s bio.
5.3. A photo of the author.
5.4. A document signed by the author and giving explicit permission for free distribution of the work through the internet whenever this doesn’t imply any loss of author’s rights in a public performance of the work.
5.5. A document signed by the author and stating that the author agrees to allow the work to form part of the Sonoscop sound art archive.
A list of all works and authors, together with the information received - CV’s, texts, photos, etc… - will be posted on the Zeppelin2004 website:

Authors’ names will also be included in any printed promotional material for Zèppelin2004.

Information and contact details:

(Monday to Thursday 10am-2pm – local time)

Amélie Agut

Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
Montalegre, 5
08001 Barcelona

Tel 34-933064100 / 34-933064128

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The sound of the other, reason of the other : Psychogeographies of sound
CCCB / Caixafòrum. May 19-22, 2004

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